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Am I really blogging? Finally??

Spring is making me feel tingly inside. My body and mind are slowly coming out of hibernation. It's making me get off the couch while my children take their afternoon nap and sit outside on a blanket in the sun. It's wonderful!

Who am I?!

My name is Sophie. I am a stay at home mother of 2 wonderful kids.
There is Liam, born on May 24th 2007. He is almost 3! Amazing!
Then there is Melody, born on April 11th 2009. And she is almost 1!

So, my reason for starting a blog is to promote my stuff! I make baby and toddler dresses and just like to craft in general. I love to try to come up with new things.
I will be posting some of my stuff and other random crafts that I LOVE! I can't wait.

kiss kiss
Sophie @ Sing Me A Melody